It’s beautiful when every aspect of your business is working to your highest expectations, sales are high, clients keep returning, reviews online are on fire – how could things go wrong, right? Wrong! It doesn’t matter how big and successful your business is, it all needs some little mistake here and there and the next thing you know, your reputation, reviews and ranking in the world of reviews hits rock bottom grounds. Certainly, not the best place to be in.
We don’t wish for that to happen to your business, but having hard times is also a fact of life which we all have to deal with in a way or another. So, with that in mind, if your business suddenly started suffering owing to a poor or smudged reputation online, then you have come to the right media company to take care of it for you. It’s about time your business got the polish it deserves.

Getting a bad online reputation at times is either over exaggerated by angry customers, or is a plain dirty trick by false claims, competitors who want you down the drain, or even plain mischief by previous employees who want to tarnish your company’s reputation. Whatever your situation, Innovative Global Media will find a way to bring back your shiny days.

First Step First: – First Contact:

Upon receiving your instructions, we will immediately start a full design of a strategy to repair your reputation and profile online. This strategy consists of looking at different aspects of how your business is managed on line, what it is that’s hurting/hurt it and how to go about repairing your reputation. Once that’s done, we will then put a ‘Better Reputation Proposal (BRP). The BRP will typically be sent to you within 48 hours of placing your order, but can take up to 72 hours at busy times, weekends or if your case is a complicated one.

  • Negative reviews generate no sales at all
  • People don’t want to work for a bad company
  • Why should you let your competitors have the last word?

OFCOM Findings &

In a recent survey, OFCOM came up with these interesting figures:-

  • Average time spent per month browsing online on PCs or laptops is 31 hours 19 minutes (March 2015)
  • Number of UK fixed residential & SME broadband lines in 2015 was 23.7 million.
  • Proportion of adults with broadband in the UK (fixed & mobile) was 80% (Q1 2015)
  • Proportion of online adults who use social networking sites 72% (2014)
  • Proportion of people who use their mobile handset to access the internet 61% (Q1 2015)
  • Spend on internet advertising is greater than any other category of advertising
  • 52% of consumers are more likely to use a local business if they have positive reviews
  • 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

Managing your reputation on line is a wonderful way to stand tall with any of your competitors or challenge their unjust and inaccurate false claims. Now, what if there is some truth in what they are shouting about? Rest assured, there’s always a way to put things right and we’ll do our very best to put our business coaches to work with you to iron these dents out. Nothing is impossible, it just requires the right know how.

This is time to take action not let it all go past you!

  • It is time to change your business direction. It’s time to build your business a bright Online presence
  • It is time to repair and restore an otherwise damaged reputation
  • Don’t let poor customer response or lost business and cancellations hurt your business. Make them part of the past
  • With our recommendation, your company image will be bettered and will be seen online. We will make recommendations that will improve your online stature.

Boost your feedback, change your image in the Digital world.

Innovative Global Media, can provide you with a managed bridge which will bring you you’re your customers together. A combination that would have been extremely hard given your bad digital image. We will encourages customers to leave the feedback you deserve, after all it’s only fair that now you offer better deals, better products and better services! So, don’t let the minority ruin it for your business.

Healthier and authentic positiveReviews

Help greatly generate better Business

Boost the influence of positive reviews

Innovative Global Media will collect your customer comments and ratings from different review sites, from Facebook, Google+, Yahoo!, etc. Once we collect positive data about your business, we will then broadcast those honest and positive online reviews to as many social websites and reviews as possible so that your potential new clients can see them and get exposed to them and hear the positive review of your business.
How do we do that, you ask? Glad you asked. Well, it’s a dynamic process, easy for some and not so easy for other, but with our user-friendly online dashboard, you’ll be in control in no time. This system is like your car’s dashboard, easy to read and at the same time enabling you to:

  • Keep a good track of and filter your customers comments; either good which will enable you to thank them but if bad or flagged, you’ll be able to discuss that with them.
  • Receive alerts when negative reviews are left
  • Receive in real time any negative reviews, then direct them to the right person for a response and avoid being taxed by these negative reviews
  • Intelligently influence online reviews and use that data to spot trends and issues

Stimulate more reviews:
The internet and social media / reviews sites have given customers an unprecedented powers to voice out their appraisals or anger on businesses. Reviewing items, services and companies is growing rapidly. Just to get an idea, go to the social media ‘YouTube’, you’ll find there many a review about an infinity of products.
Many clients will leave reviews without even being asked, but the majority will give feedback if given some gentle stimulus to do so. And that is where we coming in!
We will automatically get in touch with these customers directing them to reviews sites. To keep track of what’s going on around your business, we can sync that info back to your existing CRM platform to enable you to respond favourably to their views and comments.
Feedbacks can be gathered at ‘point of sale’ by using our app on your tablet or phone. This is a powerful instant update, which shortly ago was a dream but today, it has become a reality! We can set this system in such a way that an email is automatically sent to ‘positive reviewers’ with a follow up ‘thank you’ note and a request to share that good review across multiple sites including Social Media ones. But, any negative reviews are directed to a member of your team to take a fast response to either counter that negative review or find a solution to the problem at hand!
The Impact of Online reviews on attracting new customers
The best way to feel things up is to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer. Who would you buy from, a company which has 4 or 5 stars to its name or some vague company with 2 or less stars? I believe we all know the answer.

Research after a research has shown that iin this day and age, customers favour companies with plenteously good customer reviews than those who don’t – it’s as simple as that!

When a business has a high rating and depending on the sort of products or services it offers, many businesses have reported that customers who saw and read the ratings of other like mind people were encouraged to visit their business. This, at the heart of it all, is what matters. It’s a winning combination. A business which delivers, clients giving good reviews, a huge traffic to the website and the business itself, all this in your favour!
Yet, many businesses aren’t taking full and good advantage of this. Instead of being active about bettering their image and upping their ratings they chose to ignore this matter altogether only to be surprised someday by the bitter truth of facing the worst for their business venture.
Like anything else, without a working and well thought of plan for getting happy customers to leave good feedback and positively speak about their experience with you which in retrospect will help others decide either to give their business to you or take it elsewhere. This alone is a crucial and deciding factor in getting their business or not!

So, to summarise it all. Good Reviews will open many doors to you and will supply you with many prospects. You will:

  • Show higher up on the search engine results – which is a huge accomplishment!
  • Land yourself with many new clients
  • Increase the number of your customer’s loyalty base
  • Have a better understanding of your customers’ preferences
  • Respond favourable to any unhappy customer and turn the situation to your favour
  • Improve your online reputation

Click here to take advantage of online reviews powers.
By letting us improve your company’s online reputation we will accomplish more than your can muster, for instance we will also work to:

  • Make your business rank higher in your business’ local searches
  • Enhance your star rating across all top review sites
  • Collect more positive reviews and avoid any negative ones from hurting your business
  • Keep a benchmark to compare against your local competitors
  • Build you a dynamic social presence
  • Analyse your customers’ feedback to discover trends then work with these trends to take your business to new heights!

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