We were formed as a business in August 2005, though the seed’s of an accessible and affordable creative agency has been in the making for much longer.

That’s a good question. We have worked across many sectors, including; technology, healthcare, retail, education, professional services, property, charitable, employment and food and drink. Within these sectors, we have worked with social enterprises, well-known global brands to new starts and one-man bands.

Our project experience is equally as diverse as our industry experience -global, local, big, small, offline, online, interactive and integrated. We have worked on large flagship exhibition booth for a leading technology company to developing an online educational game to an annual report for a local housing organization. It really does not matter who you are or what your requirements are– if you have a message that needs communicating – we want to talk to you.

Branding is a way of clearly highlighting what makes your product or service different to, and more attractive than, your competitors. In this sense it is much more than your company logo. It’s what you communicate and how successfully that it is perceived and experienced by the outside world, particularly your customers. Brands are the intelligent use of design, advertising, marketing, service proposition, and corporate culture, including for example how you answer the phone to the lighting and aroma in your reception area. Key to branding is the promotion of your strengths and their consistent reinforcement. This means you need to manage your brand with a lot of care and attention.

Every business is a brand, but unfortunately not every business treats itself as one. In this respect, they are not fulfilling their potential. Having a strong brand can also add value to your core business. It can equate to as much 80% of the value of any business. How much would someone pay to be able use your company name? What does your brand stand for and how much is it worth?

Domain names, SEO, FTP, Google, hosting, HTML, java script, e-commerce, databases, social media, mobile applications, cloud…
The technical jargon above would scare most people. We will explain everything you need to know when the time is right. If its something you do not need to know – we won’t confuse the hell out of you.

Just remember that a website is nothing on its own. It’s part of your business / organisation and an extension of your brand. Don’t think about what you like, but what your business / organistation needs and what will make for a positive visitor experience, because if they don’t come back – your website will most likely to have failed.

It takes less than a fraction of second for a visitor to decide if they wish to engage further with your site – that’s why online, impression and experience go hand in hand.

Use our Website Brief document to get you started and we will fill in any blanks when we meet

“So that things don’t happen by accident.”

Design is an important element of innovation that is often overlooked. It helps determine how we interact with, and experience, products and services and this, in turn, will affect which products or services we will buy and what we are prepared to pay for them.

It is more than likely that the first thing that will attract interest from your potential customers is a website or advert, leaflet or brochure, point-of-sale display or even product packaging, Within each of these they may experience the unique selling points of a product or service. All of these rely on effective, appealing, communication design.
Design is a language in its own right – one that we, IGM,  are literate in.

We ask questions to find out about our customers. We look into your market place and your competitors. In doing so we are able put a value of what you are trying to achieve. We price projects on a combination of the hours, skill-set and resource required to make it a success, we agree a fixed and competitive price and stick to it. This includes a project process and timescale.

Because we see every client and project as unique – we do not have a set cost per project. Our fees can vary from £30 to £90 an hour depending on the type of skill-set required.

Unlike many design agencies we do not charge for simply opening our mouths or by every extra hour worked. We are happy to go the extra mile where possible. The only time our costs change is if:

– The creative brief changes
– The agreed deliverables change
– The project is unnecessarily delayed beyond reason due to the clients inability to meet the agreed project proposal
– Amendment rounds are excessive

In all cases we try to be flexible where possible. We provide regular updates and will not add further costs without prior agreement. We highlight all potential additional project costs such use of stock imagery, photography, website hosting and project related travel in the project proposal.

We manage all the work we undertake. Your projects are carried out by the qualified collaborative known as Dezign Fanatics. A team is prepared for each project, and where needed we introduce partners from our associate base.

We pride ourselves as a multidisciplinary team and a one-stop studio. We will not compromise on quality. If there is something we can’t do or integrate – we will tell you.

In the case that outsourcing is a solution that’s right for you, we can integrate it within our proposal. We do so with a resource that we can place our reputation on. For example have digital development partners not only in the UK but internationally such as in Egypt, USA, Pakistan and Indonesia.

Our working methodology and processes means you are accessing the best expertise at the best price.

Where do we start? Unlike many agencies we are research driven. We invest time to research your marketplace and audience because by understanding our client is how we are best able to exceed their expectations. We investigate explore and present a range of ideas, before development, refining and finalizing outcomes.

We do not take on any and every project. It has to be the right match. Our client has to understand the value of creative communication, and in turn we have to believe in what they are trying to achieve. It’s not about taking the money and delivering an outcome. It’s got to be right for you – and us We are a professional bunch and like to do things properly. This means following a process, a timeline and a quality standard.

We have a passion for what we do and work hard to make our clients happy and their projects a success. We like to meet our clients face to face where possible. This way we can listen and we learn. If needed we will ask questions and challenge – its not about you or me, but the project and results.

We believe in integrated brand communication and work across media – online and offline. We see client involvement as fundamental to the success of a project. It’s about teamwork, and you are a part of that team.

We are results driven. Pick up the phone and we can tell you how we doubled turnover for one of our clients, and increased online traffic and donations by 34% in a four-week period for another. It’s your call.

Our standard payment terms are 50% on project start up. 25% on delivery of key outcomes and 25% on project completion. We can offer flexible payment terms regarding payment timescales if it helps to sign-off commissions.

All work produced by IGM remains the ownership of the agency. Copyright can be transferred to the client. It may involve a surcharge – usually a one of payment. We discuss this area prior to starting a project.

The reason we retain copyright in the first instance is because we wish to protect both ourselves and our clients from other parties illegally profiting from or misusing the creative work developed. This has unfortunately happened in the past.

We believe in long-term relationships. As well providing you with source files, we store all projects. Because of the investment you have made with us – we are able to develop your brand further and can be even more competitive regarding costs. Brands need managing and have to evolve. We offer a range of maintenance and support services, including website hosting and maintenance, and brand guidelines and annual brand guardian service agreements

Don’t worry. Surprisingly most businesses, SME’s particularly, have never benefited from professional creative communication. Don’t be put off by scaremongering stories regarding how expensive design companies are (we are not). Or be encouraged to “do it yourself” (you are not a qualified designer), use a technical developer or printer to design your website and logo (they are not website designers or graphic designers).

It’s all about finding the right agency that uses the right people to do the right jobs – and you just have

In the first instance, you need to get in touch with us, by email, or phone. Tell us a bit about your project and we can take things from there. If you have questions about anything at all, tell us what they are and we try our best to get the answers for you. It’s that simple.

We can respond to you with some advice or estimations regarding the project. It’s free and with no obligations.
Once discussions progress further what we will need ideally is a written creative brief that we can refer to. From this, we can create a project proposal, timescales and costs. Don’t worry if you do not have one at this point or are unsure how to create one – we can help you with that. Click here to download our creative brief guideline document.

For larger projects – we might recommend a half or full day workshop involving all stakeholders to share, debate and brainstorm ideas. This helps us to get a better insight into challenges and possible directions to investigate.

The brief is used to create a formal project proposal. The project proposal is checked by both parties and with or without feedback and amendments eventually agreed upon by the client and agency. Agreement must be written and can be submitted by letter or email. We do this because we want to protect the investment being made by you and us, the agency.

A project start up payment is made (usually 50% of the total fee).
The project goes live at this stage and will adhere to the agreed process and timescales.
Soon you will see the first draft ideas of the commission bear fruit.
During each stage and until the project is completed we request written feedback, regarding amendments and approval.
All artwork is checked by the agency and the client. The client holds final responsibility for proof reading the content and for signing of the production files.

Its simple, pick up the phone, write to us, drop us an email, send us a text, or contact us via our “submit an enquiry” form.

Alternatively, if you know what you want, download our design brief and/or website requirement guideline document. Prepare your brief and fire it to us.

Not sure – need a reference for our work – just look at our client testimonials on the, “clients page”. Or look at the breadth and depth of our work on the “work page”. We are confident that our clients and work speak on our behalf.

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