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January 3, 2017

Incredible Web Design Trends that Expected in 2017

The competition in the business world is on the rise and the trend is going to continue in 2017 as well. One of the essential factors for businesses to stay ahead of the competition is to have an effective website.

Thanks to Innovative Global Media web development company, it is easier now to build a website for your business. Web designing services are evolving in time as new trends come into play. In 2017, we will see incredible new eCommerce website design trends. Here is a list of trends to be expected in 2017:

Drifting Away from Traditional Designs

Web designing services are now highlighting experience designers also known as web designers. In the future, the trend of web designing is going to drift away from the traditional path. No longer are the websites just aiming to look beautiful but focusing on user experience.

Responsive Websites

One of the biggest aspects of a professional website design is to be responsive. The next generation of responsive designs is going to highly evident in 2017. The responsiveness of a website allows it to adjust according to the devices they are accessed from.

Minimalist Designs

In 2017, the minimal designs are going to dominate. Websites are going to be presented with a card to the users instead of a full fledge homepage. More and more people are demanding a website with less clutter and visually explanatory designs.

Breaking the Stock Photo Trend

In the past few years, a lot of websites are eliminating the use of generic stock images. Instead, they are personalising the websites with bespoke images. Businesses are more inclined towards using authentic photography to create a better connection with what the business stands for. This trend is going to gain more momentum in 2017.

Continuous Scrolling

With Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Social Media Marketing, the trend of bottomless websites has become increasingly common. Businesses hiring a web design company are now demanding to get rid of multiple tabs and menus.

Eye Catching Typography

Art has become a bog part of newer website design trends. In the past year, we saw more website come up with big and out there designs. Typography is going full screen to boost the brand attention. The wow element is created with dynamic colours and textures integrated with vibrant fonts.

Almost all businesses have some form of website but to up your game in 2017, you may want to inside the latest web design trends. When a hiring a web design and development company such as Innovative Global Media, this year, make sure you discuss the new trends and how you can incorporate them into your web design.

Innovative Global Media Limited is a web development company in London. We specialise in various web design services including eCommerce website development. With our cheap website design services, you can enjoy the top quality of design consultancy and website building for your brand. We are a dedicated web design company and her to make your business experience better.

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